Saturday, February 18, 2006
*Sleeveless guy* feet hurts! Just came home form Glorieta. Hehe! Very fun but disappointing day for me. :( Know why? Funny story. Hehe! Here's the story:

First, we went to the girl's CR so that we could fix ourselves 'coz we look so haggard that time after the jeepney ride because of the wind. Hehe! Then while I was fixing myself in front of the mirror, I saw this guy..I thought he was calling a girl that she knows inside the girl's CR..but he's not. I looked at him at the mirror's reflection..then I saw him looking at me. He even walked nearer the girl's CR just to look at me. But I didn't mind him. Then they left..I thought they're gone but when we went out, I saw him and his friends run. That's when I started to think that they are after us.

When we started to walk, we saw them following us. We went to Auntie Aunts to buy a Choco Coffee Latte then my friends saw them. The funny thing there is they looked so shocked when they saw my friends looking at them. Hehe! Then my friends told me that they ran and hid again. After that, we decided to eat at KFC..I thought we lost them but I was wrong. While I was sitting and waiting for my friends 'coz they're ordering our food, I saw them sit down at one table. Then when they saw us, they got a better seat. The three if them sat down facing us but in a different table. It was so funny! I even caught them looking at us. After eating, we stood up and decided to window shop. Then when they saw us walk away, they also stood up and followed us. It was getting very exciting..sabi nga ni VM..may thrill daw. Haha!

Another funny moment was when we were at G4 and they're still following us..then we suddenly turned to right expecting that we'll lose them. Then we kinda waited for them..then when I turned back and faced my friends..I saw them. I can't describe how funny they were when they they're so serious in hiding and following us. Parang purkit nakita nilang nakaharap ako eh napatingkayad sila..para bang nabigla sa pagstop. Hehe! Then after that..medyo lumalapit na sila. Then we decided to sit down 'coz our feet are hurting na. When we sat down, there they were again..this time, they're holding a cellphone and talking to each other. I can see their actions through the glass. "Sleeveless" is being pushed by his friends towards me. Eh ang tagal nila magapproach samin so we started to walk again. We went to Timezone naman.

After that, we went to the center ground of Glorieta. We saw them again..running..going to the escalator. Then we sat down. We saw them going towards us. Then the guy with the blue shirt said "Miss..miss" then I looked at him. Then he said "Pwede bang makuha number mo?"..but due to my friends, I laughed instead of talking to him. Hehe! Natawa kasi ako sa kanila. Then this guy with the blue shirt got shy again. Hehe! Nagtago sila sa gilid. Then we decided to go home na..but they're still following us. When we entered the Spoof's shop, when I looked back, I didn't see them anymore. Then when we can't find them anymore..we headed home na.

Ayun..nadisappoint lang ako kasi ang gwapo ni "Sleeveless" kaso torpe/mahiyain eh. Una siya yun tinutulak at siya lagi yun nakatingin sakin with matching smile pa. Haay! I wish I could still see them again next time. Sana andun ulit sila next week kasi pupunta ulit kami eh. Hehe! We're gonna watch a movie. :)

So that's all nalang muna..Saya din ng araw ko..saya kasi dun sa AMA. Haha! Dun kasi pasok namin ngayon every Saturday. Actually 2 Saturdays lang naman. Bale next week last na pasok na namin sa AMA. Wala kasi kaming teacher ngayon sa Computer kaya sa AMA kami tinuturuan. Hehe! :p

Sige..Bye! Godbless.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
*Happy Valentine's Day?*

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you..except for me though. Well I guess you all know why.. Haay.. Sometimes I just wonder when will "He" come and save me from this loneliness. I'm just so depressed when "relationship" is being talked about. I just can't stand seeing sweet couples..It makes me miss someone so much. And that someone is someone I'm trying to forget. *but can't*

Everytime I pass by shops with Valetine just makes me sad, knowing that I'm a materialistic type. It makes me think how lonely it is beng single during this type of days. Especially when I see sweet couples, holding hands..kissing *cheeks* and the like. It hurts me because when you think about it you'll see how stupid I am to let go of someone I love so much.

I blame myself for the depression and loneliness I'm feeling. Because if I haven't been so stupid in breaking up with him then I might not be suffering this pain. But what else can I do? It's has been 9 months already since the break-up and 'til now, I'm still not over him.

If it's not him whom I'll love for the rest of my life..I wish "my guy" would come soon and pick me up from my fall. :'( I hope this will be the last Valentine I'm gonna be celebrating alone. I'm just the type of person who wants to feel loved everytime. I'm so emotional, that's why.

This Valentine's Day has been great although I didn't celebrate it with my special someone. One thing made this day a happy one for me and that's because we Passed in our defense for our Filipino Thesis. That's all.

Well, take care always okay? :) Happy Valentine's Day again.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
*so long! i'll be back soon!*

guys..i'll be out for sometime okay? i'll be back when i already have a new computer 'coz mine finally broke. i can't open it anymore so we're planning to buy a new one i just dunno when. hehe! anyway, i'll be back soon. and when i get back, i promise to update this blog of mine everyday, i just hope all of you will comment and read my posts then. hehe! so guess i'll be hearing from all of you soon! bye! =)

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Monday, October 31, 2005
*Ang wierd ng love!*

Hi guys! Sorry ngayon lang me ulit nakapag-update. Busy kasi eh. Haha! I'm thinking of shutting this down na nga eh kasi wala na kong masyadong time pra i-update toh lagi but I'm still thinking about it. Anyway, mustah na? Hehe! Thanks nga pala to those who greeted me a Happy Birthday! Thank you so much. =)

You know what guys? I have a new boyfriend na. Nung October 18 ko nga siya sinagot eh. Birthday nga niya nun eh. haha! But I have a big problem about this...You see, I like him. Crush ko nga siya nung third year kami eh pero it makes me think na bakit kung kelan pa boyfriend ko na siya eh I can't seem to fall for him? I don't see any hindrance that may stop me from falling for him but why can't I fall inlove with him??

Naawa nga ko dun kapag sinasabi niyang ako nakapagpabago sknya, ako nakakapagpasaya sknya and all those things kasi parang he expects na kikiligin ako sa mga sinasabi niya but the truth is walang epekto skin yun. Lagi siyang nagpapasweet pero wala talaga. I dunno what's wrong with me pero nasasabi ko talagang d ko siya mahal. Even though how much I try to force myself to love him...hindi talaga ko mainlove inlove! Argh! Samantalang siya, mahal na mahal daw niya ko. Aww...='( God, sabihin niyo lang kung hindi siya karapat-dapat sakin...I'll let go of him.

Nung birthday ko nga eh...11:30 pm na ko nakauwi sa bahay galing sa Greenbelt. Kasama ko si Elijah tska si Michael. Nung pauwi na kami, ako nalang tska si Mike yun natira sa taxi. When he held my hand and fitted his hand with mine...I didn't feel anything. Unlike with my first and third ex-bfs. Everytime they fit their hands with mine...iba yung nararamdaman ko eh. I can't explain but iba talaga yun feeling. Pero bakit pag sknya? walang feeling? Ang wierd talaga ng love. Haaayy!! Tulungan nyo ko...bakit ganun..

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
*Please help...*

Girl is confused...what can she do?
Guy loves her very much...BUT!
There are other two girls who are crying for the guy...
Now, tell me...what should girl do?
Now that she's starting to fall inlove too?
Girl needs to know...Please help her.

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Does your exact dream happen or does its opposite happen? What I mean is, for example you had a good dream...a really good dream. Would it really happen? or yung kabaliktaran niya yung mangyayari? Need an answer please. =)

Sorry if I haven't been updating...napakagulo pa masyado ng isip ko eh. Dami kasing problema! Grr. Nga pala, I'm planning to change my layout na but I just don't know when. Siguro kapag may oras nalang. =)

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Saturday, September 24, 2005
*Yay! c=*

Yayness! I have already customized my profile in Friendster. =) Although, it's not yet finished. It's hard...kasi I don't know how to change all the font colors. May generator pang gagamitin para lang mabago mo yun font colors ng lahat. But thanks to Moneh, naayos naman yung font color kahit na nabago yung color nung links. Pero okay lang...thanks pa rin. =)

Nga pala, the guy that I was talking about on my last post already asked me yesterday if he could start courting me. He finally decided to court me. Hehe! Pero infairness, naiiba siya sa lahat ng nanligaw sken...He's the first guy to ever propose to me personally. Talagang pinilit niyang harapin ako kahit na torpe siya para lang matanong skin yun. hehe! Nakakatuwa. =) He's a very nice and sweet guy talaga. Imagine, last thursday, sinundo niya ko sa baba nung morning just to help me carry my things. Kasi I was carrying 9 kilograms of news papers/directories kasi kailangan namin yun para sa Physics. hehe! Ayon...binuhat niya lahat yun paakyat ng third floor sa classroom namin. Nakakatuwa. hehe! He's such a nice guy...really. Pero there's this one thing that amazes me...panu kaya nalalaman ng ibang tao yung nangyayari smin?? parang everyday, someone would ask me... "kayo na ba ni -tooot-?" "nililigawan ka na ba niya?"...haay, tao nga naman. hehe!

Anyway, I gotta go to sleep na. I'm so tired eh. We had our practice again kanina for the mass songs. Kaya ngayon, wala nakong boses. hehe! Sige, paalam people! =) Yngats.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

After a long time of suffering the pain love has given me...a new episode of my life is starting all over again. Love's approaching me again...for the Nth time! I can't seem to avoid it, no matter what I do. It seems like every year, a guy enters the door to my heart...and leaves it, slamming the door...leaving it broken. But even though they left me broken, I will rise, pick up the broken pieces and fix it. Then before you know it, I'm whole again. Once, I had a very hard time mending my heart...but thankfully, I got over it.

And now, here comes love...again. I'm confused whether to accept it or not. Because I'm afraid to experience and feel the hurt I felt before. But I like the guy...actually he's my crush. He's not courting me yet, if that's what you're thinking. He's still waiting for the right time. But he often tells me that he loves me. I can feel the sincerity within him so I can say it's not a joke. Anyway, I'm super confused! I don't know if I'm feeling the same as he. 'Coz there's this feeling that occurs in me whenever I think about my past. Ugh! I dunno what to do. Haay! Nevermind. Let's just see what will happen.

Hehe. You know what? This guy is so wierd. Well, not literally's just that he keeps on saying that he loves me, that he wants me to be his gf, that he cares for me and all those sweet words a guy could say BUT he's not courting me...yet. He told me that he has a plan on courting me but until now, he's not doing it. Hmm...I wonder why. Kaya nga whenever he says that he wants me to be his gf...all that comes in my head is "why don't you try to court me noh?!" haha~ kasi di ba it's not possible if he won't court me? Duh~ Hehe! Anyway, that's all for now! Gotta do a favor for Arlene pa eh...Bye bye! =)

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Friday, September 16, 2005
*First Quarter grades*

Hi peeps! Kakatapos ko lang kausapin sila Robert. Ang khulet. Pasaway. Mahal ng mahal parang tanga. Hehe~ Galing rin ako sa praktis ng choir kanina...Ayon la lang. Sarap kumanta...wahehe! =)

Nakuha ko na report card ko...haha! Medyo mababa average ko pero happy ako kasi nakasali ako sa honors. wahaha! First time. Sana tumaas pa lalo this quarter. =) Tska Deportment Awardee kaming lahat...haha! Ang saya. Etoh yung grades ko...

C.L - 88
English - 86
Filipino - 88
Mathematics (Advance Algebra w/ Trigo) - 88
Science (Physics) - 85
Makabayan - 88
Conduct - 90
Co-Curricular - 88
Homeroom - 92

under ng Makabayan...

Araling Panlipunan - 87
T.L.E - 87
Computer - 87
MSEPP - 91

Ayon lang...Ayos lang naman grades ko db? Hehe! Pero promise ko patataasin ko pa...kung kaya. =) Pareho kami ni Michael na nagpromise na papataasin pa namin grades namin tapos dapat kasali siya sa honors this quarter along with me. Dapat honor ulit ako this quarter. Hehe! Naku...sana nga...I'll study harder talaga. =)

Adik ingat ka ngayon there sa Batulao ha! Hehe~ I miss your texts na...huhu. Onti nalang katext ko...='( pero okay Sunday andyan na ulit si adik. Hehe! =D

Sige people buhbye na! Nga pala, sa mga wala pa sa links ko paki tag nalang ako and I'll add you up. Pasensya na ha...wala na kong masyadong time para ayusin ang blog ko...Sorry talaga. Sige bye na...Yngats kayong lahat! mwuahs~ Godbless!

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Saturday, September 10, 2005
*Updates lang...*

People...Sorry if I haven't been here lately. D pa ko nakakapagupdate...ngayon na lang ulit. Nasira kasi yung saksakan ng computer namin and I need to buy a new one kaso madyo matatagalan pa kasi ayaw pa ko bigyan ni papa ng pera pambili. Hehe! Ayon...I need to rent a computer pa tuloy para lang makapag-internet.

Anyway, yesterday was the last day of our Intramurals. Haay! Tapos na kaagad...parang ang bilis. Pero oaky lang yan...ganun talaga eh. Uhm, we're the champion in the Obstacle Relay. Haha! Ayon lang. Tapos St. Thomas naman champion ng Sack Race. Ang ganda noh? hehe~ pero ayos lang...At least we enjoyed it naman. Yun lang yun eh...okay lang na matalo basta nag-enjoy ka. =) Congrats nga pala sa St. Timothy and St. Paulinus of Nola for winning the Junior and Senior's Division ng Basketball. Tapos congrats din sa St. Simeon and St. Margaret for winning the Junior and Senior's Division ng Volleyball. =) Nice job guys.

Congrats din kay Michael Singh and dun sa babaeng first year for being the Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2005. =)

Ayon..sige ala pa ko sa mood para magkwento ng magkwento. =) Sige, bye bye na po! Yngats kayo lage...=)

I Love You my Lollipop! =D

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